Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things you should Pack

If you're coming down to join our merry little gate guard community there are a few things you should pack or consider doing:

A small first aid kit-not just band-aids and ointment. If you're not familiar with first aid, reading up a bit is a good idea. A lot of gates are quite a ways from the nearest urgent care facility, much less a hospital.

In a previous post I suggested you get to know the basics of how your RV, nurse trailers and support equipment work. It follows you should have a toolkit to implement that knowledge, if the need should arise. Personally, I don't think you can have enough tools. However; a tool kit which includes a set of metric and standard wrenches, sockets and drivers should do it. 

If you want to save possible aggravation a filter wrench and a spare fuel filter are almost necessities if you have diesel power. Packing a spare set of belts and the oils your rig requires is also a good idea.

I highly recommend that you have some sort of roadside service plan. Good Sam has paid for itself many  times over for us.

I know space is at a premium, but a step stool and a small ladder are necessities.

Do you have the utensils needed to cook? This is not a weekend at the lake-you need to have everything needed on hand.

Books, puzzles, television/movies, etc. are a necessity. Or whatever hobby you may have. If you have Dish or Direct satellite add a receiver and work out how you're going to mount and aim it. Having weather and news, much less the entertainment is important.

Word to the wise-AT&T is the only provider that works throughout the oil patch.

Go over your camper thoroughly-I have not found a single knowledgeable and reliable RV mechanic anywhere near the oil patch.

Before you are assigned purchase water. However which way you want-bottles, quarts or bigger. Some rigs will provide potable water; but you should be prepared. While I'm on water-drink lots of it!

Bring a chair or two. The collapsible kind for camping are best. If you have the means, buy a cheap pop up and stakes.

A small freezer is a blessing to have. RV refrigerators don't hold much.

Rain gear, sweat shirts and jackets are important to have.

I'm sure there are many other things-but that's a few for you to think about.

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  1. More specifically on rain umbrella, a waterproof lightweight jacket and Crocs or easy-to-slip-on-and-off boots.

    In other words, on the shoes, you want them easy to get off your feet so you don't track mud/dust all throughout your rig. Then easy to get back on to run outside the next time the bell rings.


  2. Thanks for the tips, now all we need is a GATE :)
    Still in Carrizo Springs a'waitin....