Friday, December 21, 2012


Baktun is the Mayan term for each 394 year cycle and we just concluded one. Just like Y2K (remember that?) there has been a ton of hub bub about it. Though absolutely nothing foreboding that has been found concerning this Baktun in the Mayan culture; some are convinced that it will be the end of days. My father was an expert on the Maya and their culture. I bet he's sharing a grin with the ancient Mayans and looking down humorously at all of us. As I look out into the gloaming, it appears another sunrise is in store and I remain alive and well. Their are events that have occurred in my life that have caused me to reflect on my mortality and its fragility. This event was not one that I invested much thought in. However; as I have aged I have put more and more thought into my own end of days and find myself at peace with it all. That makes events like this Baktun much easier to face.

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