Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Happened?

Given a cursory look you might find me a bit bigoted, set in my ways, and even cantankerous. I’m actually a hold out who embraces the way this country and its people used to be; and yes, I’m opposed to change. I especially dislike the kind of change that has occurred over the last few years. I’m a John Wayne; embrace your heritage, apple pie kind of guy. Acts of patriotism such as flag raisings and patriotic ceremonies can sometimes bring a tear to my eye. Most folks that have gotten past my hard, outer shell find a gregarious, generous and fun loving guy.

In my day I caroused with the best of them. I might not be proud of some of the things I did, but I have few regrets. I lived hard and fast and partied with the best of them. It has taken me years to figure out and accept the teachings and wisdom of my parents. One of the key things I have carried from their teachings is respect for your elders and/or those senior to you. That has been a constant in my life; it is rare that I am not polite and respectful. I have always thought that the things that are wrong with this country are very simple. In my opinion it is the lack of this respect and the disintegration of the nuclear family.

We have folks these days that have absolutely no respect for figures in authority. Authorities like police are viewed as nothing more than an impediment to them. Something that is keeping them from performing or enjoying whatever nefarious activity they have planned. Most of our freedoms are tempered by the admonition of not infringing upon others rights while enjoying ours. Unfortunately we have a few that wish to trample all over their fellow citizens. Those that know me know that I abhor any further intrusion by the government on my day to day activities. Personally I think we have enough laws on the books (if not too many) to just about cover any circumstance we might encounter.

After the horrific slaughter in Sandy Hook, I gave a lot of thought as how to best address it and not offend some of my readers. I believe a blog should express the true feelings of its inventor and author. You have to have some form of integrity, or you end up building a house of cards. Of course, I guess you could publish a fictional story and make up stuff. Not me. And that is what I struggle with on a regular basis. How best to express myself and not alienate folks or disclose too much personal stuff. The unfortunate fact remains that through the years, including during the assault rifle ban, the occurrences of mass murder has more or less remained the same. Now, we again have to face a reactionary whiplash to an incident, rather than address what is truly wrong here. And we may be too far gone for that to happen. In my hopeful view of the world a man and a woman marry, have kids and raise them to respect each other and their fellow man. They grow up to be proud, law abiding American citizens and live the American dream. Unfortunately, after everything in our power is done, we still have few means to prevent a madman bent on raining death and destruction on us.

My heart goes out to everyone who has and is suffering from criminal acts perpetrated upon them, their families and friends. May God bless them through this difficult time.


  1. Well thought out and written..where was the beginning of the breaking point---"removing God from schools"...."everyone gets a participation ribbon"...."take this prescription med, it will solve your woes"..."oh let's write this legislation--wont solve anything, but we will feel better"..."let's legalize killing the unborn"..."hey, who is for OK'ing same sex marriage?"..."it's OK to be a pothead".....I SUBMIT IT WAS A COMBINATION, ALL PERPETUATED BY ONE POLITICAL IDEOLOGY WHICH CONTINUES TO DESTROY THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY....rant off....

  2. Marijuana being outlawed was a product of pressures from the tobacco and cigarette lobbies. The continued abuse of the states by the federal government can not stand much longer. The joke of the last election proves that the PTB aren't even bothering to try and hide their hand in things.

    We are bombarded with continuous marketing with nary a break unless you close your eyes and ears. The over stimulation of the modern world is soon to bear its fruits to a easily distracted populous that can't and won't pay attention long enough to save itself.