Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Musings yet Again

It strikes me as funny that we survived another end of the world scare and I am concerned we may not survive the Obama years. Basically, Washington is at a stand still while Obama suns himself in Hawaii and Congress has gone home for the holidays. Did anyone notice that a report was issued on Benghazi which puts the blame on the Secretary of State and her department? Of; I forgot, she is a lame duck (and home sick) and couldn't care less. Add the holidays in and the resignation of Petraeus and you have a classic "sweep it under the rug" handling of the whole mess. Did you also know we still haven't filled the vacancy at the DEA for a director? And that it's been open six years? No budget, no direction or money for infrastructure repair, no border policy, no policy for the aliens already here, no energy policy, a foreign policy in tatters, etc. I'd say we're hard at work on your campaign slogan Mr. Obama-it's just not what I call forward. Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. and several resignations at State and several more over Fast & Furious--you know, those "political grandstanding" events the Pravda media reported it as a few months ago...oh, and to boot, both Plan A and Plan B fiscal cliff proposals by the GOP House, WHICH THE DEM SENATE SAID THEY WOULD NOT EVEN BRING TO THE FLOOR, is being portrayed as a failure of the GOP House...