Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Musings yet Again!

My heart goes out to the smoke jumpers who lost their lives fighting a wildfire in Arizona. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family, friends and community. Very little can be categorized as selfless as the yeoman's work that first responders do. Making the ultimate sacrifice so that others property and lives are spared from fire is truly a heroic endeavor.

It is my fervent hope that the families, relatives and friends of Nelson Mandela can stop their selfish, altruistic squabbling and let him pass in peace.

I do not expect perfection (or even accuracy) from my local weathercaster; but it would be refreshing if they could admit they screwed up once in a while. Sundays forecast had to have been the most inaccurate in some time. We went from a hot 112 plus degree Saturday to a stormy, rain soaked Sunday that barely broke 90 degrees. This after Saturdays broadcast promised another searing day with temperatures over 100 degrees yet again.

You will never know how much sh*t (OK-stuff for the sensitive among you) you really have till you pack up the entire house for a move. And then you suffer through a multitude of feelings after you realize how much importance you put on a simple piece of property.

I believe that we will never eradicate the mice colony from our RV. The sticky traps were effective, but now they know to avoid them. We also set out some traps that looked like over sized clothes pins and baited them with peanut butter. We would hear the traps spring close only to find an empty trap and the peanut butter completely gone. I have reluctantly put out poison now and hope they don't die somewhere inaccessible. I have ordered a deterrent called Cab which comes in pouches. Mice are supposed to hate the odor and reviews say it is highly effective.

I hope there is a special place in hell for Edward Snowden. Expressing your displeasure of acts performed by your government by leaking its secrets is treasonous at best. The murky world of politics and diplomacy is rife with espionage. The thing about it is that everyone does it, everyone knows it and the less said the better. We're no angels, but neither is the rest of the world.

Finally; I am coming out here in support of Paula Deen. I don't know much about her and only occasionally watch her shows. IMHO what she is guilty of doing certainly doesn't merit the punishment she's getting. She is guilty of some pretty poor PR work. We are so quick to condemn others when our own house is far from perfect. It would be nice to have a sponsor of one of these celebrities come out in support of them before jumping on the bandwagon and sacking them.

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