Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Week in a 5ver

Occasionally I like to rope things in and speak more on topic; if there is such a thing. When I started my blog I was inspired by Andy and his My Old RV blog. I thought I too could add to his voice and maybe help a few folks out via my experiences. I also had an altruistic motive in that I like to be able to occasionally voice my opinion.

Well we have spent a week in the new (to us) 5ver and it is starting to grow on me. (5ver is the slang term used in the RV world for a fifth wheel) I have said all along that if I have a comfortable place to sleep I can be happy. I don't really require a bunch of needless trappings. One of the things that I am guilty of is driving poor Missy crazy about the boxes of sh*t we have lying around. Let me apologize here and state she has done a bang up job of getting things situated. We had a ton of room for storage in the basement of our class A and have given up probably half of it with the 5ver. So it has been a challenge situating stuff. I'm also anal in general and want to realize the gain in interior space and enjoy it. One of my pet peeves is boxes laying about six months or more after a move. Enough about all that! When we were shopping for our new home several things were important to us. Here in no particular order are a few. Opposing slides-check, diesel generator-not yet, a real oven-check, dual ducted air-not yet, washer and dryer-check!, a large basement storage compartment-check and check (we also have a rear pass through and a few bonus compartments). Several folks questioned the importance we put on an oven and questioned whether we would use it very much. Let me say that our oven has gotten a workout and that there is nothing like cooking with gas. I have yet to make my almost famous lasagna, but it is coming.

In conclusion, we both are happy in our new abode. Here are some observations. There is a ton more interior room versus a single slide class A. The hooking up and disconnecting takes a little getting used to. We miss hydraulic jacks, but are getting the hang of leveling this thing. Having driven a tractor trailer in almost every state makes towing this thing pretty easy. However, it is a bit disconcerting that I don't have that big old Peterbilt under me when I'm doing it. A pickup feels positively small in front of this trailer. If you have animals they will go nuts over the extra room-ours love it! I am not completely sold on a 5ver. I think it is ideal for the oil field gig or weekend camping,  but I believe I would prefer a big class A to tour the country in.

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