Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Digs!

I'm sure some of you have grown tired of both our tales of travail with our motorhome and our pursuit of a replacement. I have good news for all of you! We finally sold the Class A (we actually traded it in) and bought a 37 foot 5th wheel. Our extensive research has shown us that we should not experience near the level of anguish and fiscal outgo with a 5th wheel like we endured with our Class A motorhome. We are in the process of moving everything into the new home and excited about having it to work out of on a gate.

Things are finally coming together and we should be back in the Eagle Ford Shale soon!


  1. Congrats Mark! Hope it turns out to be a solid, trouble free home.

  2. Wow! Really happy for you. We think you'll like having a fifth wheel. We love ours. Congratulations.


  3. Congratulations on the new digs!! Did you buy it in Houston?? We are just north of Houston...we've been looking for a new RV also, but right now we are just sitting around waiting for our appointment with a RV repair shop to check our black tank...ugh! Doesn't look like we'll be back at a Gate for a few weeks until the tank is made and replaced....

  4. happy for you about some inside pics when you have time