Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gate Guarding-An Almost Two Year Update

Well; we came down just after Labor Day in 2011, wide eyed and not knowing what to expect. We initially contracted through Gate Guard Services with whom we have absolutely no complaints. When we heard that we could make an extra $50 a day we jumped at the opportunity and left them after about six months. We have worked for our current company for almost two years and are very pleased with how we are treated. Here are some things we have learned.

Your primary responsibility will be to record traffic entering and exiting the facility you're assigned to. This can be a lot harder than you think. We have been very fortunate and not gotten many real busy gates. That is not always the case, so be prepared.
We came down here with Virgin MiFi and phones. We quickly discovered AT&T is the only company that works throughout the Eagle Ford Shale. Later we found out that for the same cost we were paying for MiFi we could get satellite Internet with ten times the mega byte allowance.
The value of having something to keep you entertained cannot be overstated. We enjoy our Dish network, video games and radio controlled cars and helicopters. We both use a Kindle and work puzzle books.
A generator is invaluable. The equipment we are provided has been very reliable; but if your company provided generator should go down in 100 plus degree weather you will appreciate having an alternate source of power.
Make arrangements to deposit your check somewhere. Most companies do not offer direct deposit and cashing a check can be expensive and problematic.
If you value your car, leave it at home-the caliche and gravel roads will destroy the average car. Buy something like a Jeep or Expedition; either here or at home. The same principal applies to your RV-the environment will be very tough on it.

No matter what anyone has told you, you have to experience the heat and dust to truly appreciate how debilitating it can be.

Set up mail forwarding before you get down here. A lot of guards rent a box at the local post office for that purpose. You have to be creative, but you can get package delivery in the oil field. Sometimes a call to Fed Ex or UPS will get them to deliver to whatever road and rig number you are working. Also a lot of local feed stores accept packages for the local community.

I highly recommend you make contact with a guard company BEFORE you come down to Texas. Gates are at a premium in the winter and you can sit for a very long time if prior arrangements have not been made. Things are a bit easier in the summer, but the same principal applies.

Most companies provide some sort of alarm to put into your RV to alert you about traffic. A lot of guards purchase Mighty Mule driveway alarms because of their reliability. Additionally, I like having my own equipment.

Be prepared to be in a remote spot, miles from the nearest pavement and town. Self reliance is appreciated down here.

A basic rule is that the less you bother the company you work for the more valuable you will be to them. Seniority is virtually non existent in the gate guarding world, but by following the aforementioned suggestion will find yourself leapfrogging others and getting on a gate quicker.

No one expects you to be a master mechanic, but some troubleshooting skills are invaluable. Get to know your equipment and its basic function.

We try to relate to everyone that enquires as much info as possible. Still we have folks that pack up and leave soon after their arrival. Normally you are cut out for this work or you're not; there's rarely any in between. Hopefully some of this was helpful.


  1. You mention no complaints with Gate Guard Services, but you never mention the company you're with now.

    My husband and I are about to try gate guarding for the first time. I think it will suit us well, but I guess we'll see!

    1. Contact us and we'll help get you settled, our company is frequently hiring-417 322 3765
      Mark and Missy

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