Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Off the Grid

We were warned before we considered this gate guard job about living off of the grid (not being connected to a traditional water, electric and sewer system). Specifically whether we had any experience at it or not. Well, we have "boon docked" a lot and have spent a week or so down in Terlingua with no hookups at all. We have found this to be far easier than we were warned. We are off the grid, but have a support staff that is second to none. Our little nurse wagon has a very dependable Perkins generator and a large tank of water. Our water consumption is rarely over 20 gallons a day. The water is not potable and having to keep 10 gallons of drinking water around requires getting used to. We have a second wagon that handles our sewer, so we don't need a regular visit from a "honey wagon". Being appreciative of machinery,  I keep a pretty good eye on the generator. Even though we know it's out there, we rarely notice it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while we may be off the grid-our little nurse wagons more than adequately fill the role.

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