Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slow Times on the Gate

First, we now have internet! Our MiFi from Virgin Mobile works like a champ. Our DISH is aimed and hooked up and the a/c is working well. We started on a gate the day after we got here and organized chaos reigned for about a day and a half.  The rig we were assigned to was coming down and we replaced the guards that follow the rig, It was interesting watching the dissassembly and the amount of men and materiel it took. At one time we must have had fifty to sixty trucks lined up in here and out on our access road. The third day things slowed down tremendously as all that was left was some pallets and miscellaneous equipment. Yesterday, there was minimal traffic and we got to watch the NASCAR night race without interruption. We also got a full nites rest. Very unusual in the gate guarding business. Today we are sucking up the a/c and watching football. Unless they frack or find something else to do, we'll probably be out of here tomorrow. If not, we'll gladly keep an eye on things and enjoy the peace and quiet. I'll update again soon.

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