Friday, September 16, 2011

New Digs

We have been relocated by our company to a tiny berg called Gillett-or at least somewhere near there. We drove about thirty miles, turned off the main highway and headed down a gravel road for at least 3 more miles. We are literally parked in a cow pasture. The owner has given strict instructions that the gate remain closed at all times. I hope it's only cows grazing here-the fence is ten feet plus high with a barbed wire topping. This will be our gate-we were the first in other than the workmen that laid the pads and roads! Today we got to observe the very beginnings of an oil well as they drilled for the first time. As I've said before it's boom times here and they have to follow a schedule-the rig up from us has just about finished and that rig and crew is headed our way. We are getting a crash course in oil exploration and the monikers that are attached to it. We have "company man", "tool pushers", "roustabouts", "roughnecks", etc. We are enjoying the experience and getting paid well for our labor. We have the "icing on the cake" of being employed by a good company with outstanding support personnel. We're looking forward to cooler weather and are ready to hunker down for the winter.

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