Thursday, December 22, 2011


Can an entity be guilty of recidivism? Normally it's associated with those that repeat their mistakes; especially offenders of the law. Congress continues to bumble about, further alienating the public they supposedly serve. Congress also continues to fund their pork in these tough times. How about how cocaine affects the sex lives of quail or millions of allotted road and highway funds remaining in limbo over simple clerical errors; such as SH instead of Interstate or CR, reversed numbers, misspelling, etc. or billions (with a B) spent on fighter jet engines that proved unnecessary? I heard today the House speaker was asked to allow a vote on the budget-Geeez! does he have that much power-and why? This whole party system has eroded to the point where action; or inaction, is no longer based on what's good for the people. It's become far more important to tow the party line. People will tell you that every vote counts.  However when that vote has to go to "he's (or she's) better than the alternative" or your just "voting the bums out" what good is that? I loath complaining when one has no viable suggestions to correct the problem. Unfortunately, "wishing" for political change is not going to make an appreciable difference on how our government works. It's become a cash eating monster that we're rapidly becoming unable to feed. My dear readers have read my rantings on how our founders created this wonderful system we live under. They also know that I believe we are trapped by the requirements they placed in the constitution when it comes to making changes. Getting change up to the point where a super majority would vote on it would require nothing short of a miracle in today's political climate. The lack of a viable third party also impedes the system. More and more of the respected, conservative folk I know are in agreement with me. Perhaps when our already failing infrastructure gives out and China quietly finishes it economic takeover of our economy (and country), people will be galvanized to action. The quagmire that is our political system certainly hasn't done it.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”–Thomas Jefferson

It seems “We The Sheeple” have been asleep for the last 60 years in America. We went to bed soon after WWII and woke up in a land that we do not recognize. We are financially and morally bankrupt, engaged in senseless wars around the world, invading the privacy our citizens, completely shredding our US Constitution and all the while sucking the last bit of Liberty from once free AMERICAN CITIZENS. We have totally forgotten who we are.
Bix Weir

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