Saturday, December 24, 2011


Ruminate-to chew over or to ponder something. This Christmas Eve I thought I'd start a tradition. This year I am going to touch upon some of my pet peeves-here goes. Leaving a splash of milk, juice,  etc. in the refrigerator. Not putting things back where they belong. Those idiots that pull out in front of you and then rub it in by slowing up and making a turn soon after. Those of you in positions that require public contact and hate dealing with us, (why did you take the job in the first place?) Obfuscation of any kind. Can't we just be up front with one another? Along those lines, those of you that refuse to "man up" and take the blame when you screw up. Apologies would be nice, too. Something seasonal-man I hate the SPCA and other pet groups advertising with Christmas carols in the background while puppies stare forlornly at you. I love animals; but GEEE! Also, how come all these church groups and volunteers have to fly to Africa or some other remote spot to help and give aid? When was the last time someone checked out some of our inner cities or Appalachia? Makes me wonder why we send government funds to China or Russia get the picture. Hey, why do they upgrade video gaming systems and design it so that your current games won't play in it? That makes me wonder why my 5 mega pixel camera has a 14 mega pixel competitor, within a week of purchasing it? Pet owners that chain or tie up there dogs-have you seen pictures of embedded collars? Cops or other members of the judicial system who assuage there boredom by harassing the public over picayune infractions. Like a 5 mph over speeding ticket, mud on your license tag, hindering ( hey, I hate slowpokes too; but come on!), etc. Vets or doctors who put greed before attending to an animal or us. Celebrities who feel entitled. Celebrities that don't get the credit they deserve for their philanthropic endeavors. See, I can be fair ( -; How about those of you that judge us for our supposed fanaticism for our animals? And...don't even get me started on cellphones and personal devices. Finally, how come George Strait can't get the recognition he deserves.

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  1. Hi Mark! Are you the Mark that's written to me on Fork? I just found your blog tonight.
    Wow - you are certainly a versatile blogger! ;)
    I'll add you to my blog roll if you'd like? or not if you'd rather not... Let me know!
    Hope your Christmas was merry and your New Year less muddy!