Monday, December 12, 2011

Yule Time Musings

We decided; OK I pushed a little ( -:, to purchase a quality electric smoker for Christmas. As most of my dear readers know I have dabbled with smoking meats for years. This smoker is insulated so well that it remains cool to the touch, even at its higher temperatures. The advantage is that it affords me control of the heat throughout the process. Best of all, you can control everything via a infra red remote. There is even a seperate chip holder that allows the addition of chips without disturbing the temperature. The first batch of  ribs and brisket is done and WOW-not bad! A few tasters have said that it's the best ribs they've ever eaten. And I promise we'll get better as we go. You have to keep in mind that Texans don't eat much pork-so I'll wait till I get a few more reviews to decide if they're really that good. Back on the Yuletide topic. My present to Missy was a day at the spa where she could relax and get pampered. It's a 40 mile trip (one way) to the nearest town with a spa. They happened to have a Buffalo Wild Wings there, so Missy picked some up to go for us. Well, that's where Santa's sleigh derailed. Shortly after she got home and the wings were consumed, I became deathly ill. Not to get graphic here, but I was unable to control my bodily functions and was up and down for about thirty hours. I'm still not chipper, but I am better. I guess I can be glad I didn't have the flu. On the downside, a fellow gate guard just down the road from us was almost killed when he tangled with a semi. He apparently tipped a few at the house and was headed somewhere when he blew the stop sign at the major highway that we connect to. Believe it or not, he made it across the thoroughfare unscathed. However, when he realized what he had done he turned right to get back on the road and collided almost head on with a semi. Just a friendly reminder to watch those Yule time toddies with your friends this season. Happy Holidays!
Here's a link to the smoker company.

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  1. so glad you are feeling better !
    how wonderful you got a smoker and that Missy went to the spa, she deserves it. Your smoker looks amazing and you are going to have alot of fun and lots of good eats with it !
    that afghan Missy made for Jen is so pretty....
    she could sell those! have a wonderful Christmas xoxoxoxo