Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain, rain go away!

It's funny how, even after a long drought, rain can get on your nerves. Since we work and live "off road" mud is an ever present product of the rain. RV's, due to there small size and set traffic patterns, seem more susceptible to mud soiling. Add in the dogs and you have a recipe for a mess. This even after we diligently wipe our feet and clean the dogs paws. The paw cleaning is another story in itself-we keep a "dog" rag by the door. Mother nature has doused us with a couple of good thunderstorms and added drizzle in between for the last four or five days. Consequently our access road is a sea of mud. It is virtually impassable even with four wheel drive. Our drilling rig is dependent on outside support (yet another story) and that includes eighteen wheelers. Since the county won't maintain the road without local financial input (you guessed it, yet another story) we have an impasse and the road remains a mess. Our major corporate investor has placed a dozer and operator on standby and he is staying busy extricating and dragging vehicles out of the mud. Before the road deteriorated completely, I took our Hyundai into town to stock up. If it wasn't the hairiest and most stressful drive I've ever made, it was in the top three. I don't even want to speculate what will happen if we need fire rescue out here. When our water and fuel start getting low, I may start to panic a little bit. I know I am NOT taking the car anywhere.

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