Sunday, January 22, 2012

Predictions and Sports

A little off the topic of workamping and maybe a little on topic about gate guarding. Specifically, -thank the Lord for satellite-how would I get by without it! Downtime without it would be excruciating. And; before you pounce, yes we do have other pursuits that keep us busy. But, I digress. Today is the day we find out who will go to the Superbowl. A lot of sports fail to capture my attention, especially with the seemingly endless seasons. With the exception of the meaningless sub 500 match ups, football is better than most. I like watching the playoffs in most sports because of this. That said, I'll cut to the chase. I think the Giants 49ers match up provides the best entertainment factor. I believe the 49ers and their defense will prevail. As far as the Patriots Ravens-well, let me say that if the Patsies don't prevail I will be very shocked. Just like I was when the Packers failed to show up last week. Coincidentally I believe the Patriots quarterback is on a mission to prove that he is as good or better than Aaron Rodgers ever hoped to be. So there it is sports fans-the 49ers and Patriots will prevail and meet in the Superbowl.
Well, I'm back to admit that I was wrong. However you have to admit they were very evenly matched teams. To show I am not cowed, I predict the Patriots will win it all. I'll edit yet again to eat the egg off of my face or to crow about my victory. ( -:
OK!, I was wrong-pass the salt and pepper. At least it was a good game. Now, bring back NASCAR!

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