Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My dear readers know I have written about sanity before. This time I thought I'd  address sanity in regards to gate guarding. Anytime you are restricted  in both your abode and movement; plus have your sleep affected, you are going to go a little wacko. One of the most asked questions about this gig is about how we can handle sitting on a gate for weeks and months at a time. I have posted previously how this job is a true test of a relationship, Being at odds with one another just won't work in a tight place. Having satellite television and Internet are indispensable. Engaging in hobbies also helps keep the mind motivated. Wrapping those .hobbies around your work is even better. My good friends at www.myoldrv.com taught me that. We smoke meat now and again and it provides sustenance,  keeps us occupied and is a good conversation starter. Missy stays busy with her crocheting and texting. She is also the one that gets out the most. We both have worked on getting a little socializing going amongst the guards and it looks like there is going to be a luncheon for the ladies soon. I love my Kindle, DVDs and cooking of any kind. The Kindle is also great for keeping the mind busy with the games it provides. We are also having a blast with radio controlled vehicles. You have to remember the rig workers are stuck out here too. We have gotten to know quite a few of them and established some friendships. We exchange food and Missy likes to bake sweets for them. This has the added benefit of us recognizing who is coming and going at the gate. Finally, we have worked out a deal where we take some time off between gate postings. We get out and about and check out the the local offerings. Hopefully this gives everyone an idea how to keep the old brain active!

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  1. I really like that we can post on Andy's forum everyone's blog. Now i don't have to go to my favorites to look for them. I like keeping up with everyone, so that way i will know i am not alone out here. Keep up the good work.

    Betty (rabajara)