Saturday, January 7, 2012

The road, pigs and a winter cold

We have been enjoying Chamber of Commerce weather-40's at night, 60's to 70's during the day. After a tremendous amount of hand wringing, arguing, begging, threatening-you name it-they are FINALLY working on the road! They have not convinced anyone that they know what they're doing, but they are driving all kinds of heavy equipment around. Hopefully they have taken advantage of the aforementioned weather-Sunday the heavens are supposed to open. We have a plethora of wildlife out here; from endangered birds to pests, like wild hogs. Nature likes to treat us to an occasional show and we get to enjoy Whooping Cranes, foxes, coyotes and deer. Anyway the wild hogs are threatening to over run the area and we see literally piles of dead hogs along the back roads here. Today, the owner had a bunch of hog hunters come in to cull the population. I won't get into the gory details; but Texans like to hunt them with dogs, restrain them with ropes and then dispatch them with a knife. I don't know about you, but I have hunted hogs and I am not getting anywhere near them. I like a slug in a shotgun. They are very ornery when cornered. Missy has blessed me with a cold, so we are both sniffling, coughing and sneezing. Time seems to be the only reliable cure, as nothing else is working. Finally, someone PLEASE tell me why Pittsburgh has to travel to Denver for the wild card game-The  Steelers have a record of 12-3 (or thereabouts) and the Broncos are 8-8. And they had to back in by losing their last game and Oakland doing the same. GEEEZ!

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