Tuesday, January 1, 2013

R and R

R and R stands for rest and relaxation. We have been rotating off of gate duty about every three to four months. Some folks can stand a longer stretch; but we find this conveniently fits our endurance. I could last longer; but Missy would be hard to deal with ( -: The rigors of gate guarding aren't extremely physical, but do wear you down. Mentally it's a constant challenge. Long hours, endless dust, monotony, the requirement of a constant presence, etc. all wear on you. It's curious how the things most folks take for granted become a novelty to be appreciated after a stint on a gate. Things like travelling together in the same car, shopping together, sleeping in the same bed-at the same time, going out to dinner or on a date. All the things you basically can't do when working a gate. Our agenda is pretty loose, but we have a bucket list we'd like to check off. For those of you wondering or who'd like an idea or two of what to do in the area, here's our plan. (We aren't big on downtown San Antonio, but everyone should see the Alamo and the river walk.) We plan to hit one of the Alamo Draft Houses where you can see a movie, have an adult beverage and eat. Why didn't I find out about this sooner! Also planned is a trip to the RV show where we always learn a thing or two and ogle over rigs we can ill afford. If the weather holds, a jaunt to a local open air market is in the works. And we plan to eat at one the many excellent restaurants in the area. Finally, we plan to rest and relax and rejoice in not hearing and responding to the gate alarm!

BTW-Happy New Year!!

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  1. Our routine is not as constrictive as yours, but in the same general field, so I hear ya! Being a native Texan, San Antonio is one of my fave places to spend a weekend or a week. The sweetest thing is a change of pace, being off the clock and not keeping one ear open for an alarm or someone at the gate. Enjoy and Happy New Year!