Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Hit and a Miss

Birds serenade me every morning, so we put seed out for them. I thought purchasing seed wouldn't be a big deal. Wow, was I wrong! I went to Wally World and there must have been half a dozen or more varieties. I decided on something called "Wild Bird Mix" and they have turned their beaks up at it. Definitely a miss.
Both Missy and I are big nature fans. We are on a hunting ranch and also have one next to us. I don't know were the deer on our property are, but they are out in force next door. So off to Wally World again. I have no idea what turns deer on, but we got a bag of raw corn kernels. So far that has been a hit and they visit regularly.
The saga of our overheating problem(s) with our motorhome engine continue. We again paid a mechanic to come out and misdiagnose our problem. Since we are tired of giving away money we started tearing into the engine. Once we pulled the thermostat we gave it a bath in boiling water. Supposedly, just like mollusks, it is supposed to open in the water. Voila! The thermostat was bad. The verdict is out till we put the engine back together and run the coach; but it looks like a hit!
We paid a repairman to repair the water damaged floor in our bathroom. (Apparently sixteen years is too long for a toilet to last in a motor home) We were suspect of the job because the leaks continued and the toilet swayed like my grandpa's rocker. Fearing damage to the tank, which the toilet sits on, we again hired a repairmen to fix the problem. This time the underlying damage was addressed and the toilet properly supported. The old toilet had to be retired because the parts to repair it cost more than a new one. We still have to re tile the floor; but the toilet is secure! I'll call it a hit-especially to my wallet.
Spring has sprung We have finally gotten some much needed rain, but the storms have also left quite a bit of damage in their place. On the plus side, wild life is stirring, the temps are moderate and flowers  are blooming everywhere. This one I'll call a hit and a miss. Here are some pics.

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