Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vermin, Goodwill and Spring Cleaning

I have seen indications that my nemesis (mice) remain unperturbed by my current assault. Last night the cats again alerted and a bag of leftover sweet rolls was pilfered. Recently the cats and I have sent at least three mice to their everlasting reward. We have tried a ton of things to eradicate the mice, but remain unsuccessful. We even had the undercarriage of the coach professionally treated. Still they persist! Our next step is to evacuate the coach and set off a bunch of bug bombs. Perhaps they will get the message then. Update; since I started this post we have trapped two more mice!
As I have written previously we have been spring cleaning and going through the coach. I have been told that if you encounter something you haven't worn or used in a year, just get rid of it. Somehow that doesn't make it any easier. We continue to bag and box stuff up and take it to Goodwill when we hit town. Perhaps the coach will run a little better after its diet!



  1. I used an Altoid mint on a sticky tray when we had mice in the basement of our 5th wheel earlier in the Winter. Worked like a charm. Not a mousie since! Hope you persuade them to live somewhere else soon!

  2. Peppermint oil on cotton balls...we haven't had a mouse since we started doing this!!