Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Wonder

There are some things that remain a mystery to me no matter my age or the wisdom I have gleaned out of life. For instance:
I still don't know why women go to the ladies room in pairs or what they do in there that takes so long.
I still haven't figured out how you determine whether an outfit (or piece of clothing) is dirty or can be worn again. I tried a colored clothespin system in my closet once.
Why does toilet paper have serrated sections and are you supposed to fold or bunch it?
If your late why does something always happen to exacerbate the situation?
Am I the only one that goes on a tear looking for something that is in my pocket?
Why do car commercials offer some insignificant trinket if you purchase a car? I mean has someone really dropped everything to go purchase a car so that they could get tickets to some minor league game?
At what point do you let everything you hold dear go because you feel the work offered is beneath you? Seems to me I'd rather eat.

What got me going on this was the wacky world of gate guarding. Folks seem to get set in a comfort zone and; no matter the offer, refuse to budge. It took me a while to figure out we are just warm bodies, contracted to do a specific job. I figure as long as I'm stuck somewhere on a gate I ought make as much money as possible. For most companies we are an expense and an asset to put where they need it. You simply get parked like an idle piece of equipment otherwise. Some things like going from one gate company to another repeatedly tend to raise a few eyebrows. Or acting like a prima donna and expecting your service person to be your personal concierge. Other than that it's pretty simple. So I remain mystified when there are openings offering much better compensation and folks refuse to avail themselves of it. I wrestled with a sense of loyalty when we moved to this company; but haven't regretted the move to this day. I like it here and I like the owner of the company but if a better offer comes along-adios muchacho! The only caveat would be that I'd be straight up with this guy and try not to leave him in a lurch-I feel I owe him that.
On another note (or two) we are going on vacation around Memorial Day and will take most of June off. Take a break from the sagebrush, cactus, dust and coyotes. We have put our beloved motorhome up for sale in the hopes of purchasing a newer model-maybe a 5th wheel, who knows? We are just tired of fighting the air conditioning system and that is a necessity in South Texas.

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