Friday, April 5, 2013


A mountain climber was once asked why he climbed mountains and he responded with something to the effect of "because it's there". Anyway I think that's how it goes. I have spent my entire life traveling and discovering things because it was there. Before my tenth birthday I had travelled through a great part of Europe, stopping off at everything from castles to fjords. It was in Europe that I discovered an explorer named Thor Heyerdahl, who believed ancient civilizations conducted transoceanic voyages on simple watercraft. Because most scientific journals refused to publicize his theories he built a raft in Peru out of balsa and other native woods (based on descriptions given by the Conquistadors) and set sail from Peru. After just over 100 days he successfully landed in Polynesia and history was made. I remember seeing the raft in Oslo, Norway and that adventure enthralled me, further fueling my wanderlust. My father and I shared the common belief of transmigration and attempted to prove it through our travels. My father also became an expert on the Mayan culture and shared his adventures and beliefs with other explorers as a member and medalist with the Explorers Club. He was also a member of the Royal Geographic Society and listed in many publications. As I grew older I continued my travels. My father and I explored the rain forests and great plains of Brazil long before the developers chain saws and heavy equipment destroyed over half of it. In total I spent over seven years in South America. I had the opportunity to explore the ruins of the Aztecs in Yucatan along with the ruins of the Mayans in Peru. My stint in the Marine Corps allowed me to return to South America as a young man and renewed my appetite for exploration and travel. I worked in the aviation industry before all the security was put in place due to nine eleven. During those heady days I could basically hop on the plane of my choosing and fly wherever the whim took me. I became involved in scuba diving and underwater photography and dove the reefs of South Florida and the Caymans. At this time my father became involved with a group researching the viability of  man living and working under the ocean. They have an underwater hotel in Key Largo and a smaller research habitat near it. I volunteered for experiments conducted by NASA and spent days in the habitat; researching the effects of nitrogen in the blood stream and the length of time it took to dissipate. I had the pleasure of becoming one of the few certified aquanauts in the world. Later on in life I travelled the United States and parts of Canada as a commercial truck driver. Heart problems have slowed me down; but my wanderlust is still strong and I yearn to see the national parks. Hopefully we can work in some before my time is up!

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