Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aroma Therapy

Chili Verde is a southwest tradition and really not that complicated. It is a cousin to the traditional red chili with the main ingredient being pork versus beef. Missy and I used to cook chili competitively and won or placed in a many cook offs. I feel qualified to share some info on this wonderful dish as I won several championships cooking chili verde. A bonus is that it is also a healthy dish and; just like red chili, it can be used on a wide variety of dishes. For instance, if you have had juevos rancheros you have more than likely had chili verde. You can look up a wide variety of chili verde recipes; but it is hard to go wrong. You'll need tomatillos, onions, jalapenos, serranos, some mild chilies like a poblano or an anaheim, some garlic, cilantro, chicken broth and some pork. Basically cut and deseed your chilis, clean and quarter your tomatillos and add them and the rest of your veggies into a pot and simmer them in chicken broth. Fry your pork in a separate pan and add it to the veggie mix once it has broke down into a sauce like consistency. Season to taste and you've got it!

Okay! A week has almost gone by since we cooked the chili and we have had no internet. We got a call late last Thursday (the 3rd of Jan) and were told that a gate was available. We were told to be there at 0630 the following morning. The aforementioned chili verde had not even been started at this point and the house needed to be broken down. All in chilly, wet weather and at night. We performed our usual ritual; Missy breaks down the interior and I disconnect and take care of the outside. To make it to the job site near Fall City by 0630 required us to wake up at 0330-Yikes! We had run the motor home the night before and knew we needed power steering fluid. So we left the campground, went to a truck stop, and bought the fluid. We left the motor home idling and, when we came out of the store, diesel fuel was spraying everywhere from somewhere in the engine compartment. We executed a panicked shut down and began exploring. We believe that our problems all stem from the sh*tty engine replacement job. This was no exception as we found and secured a loose fuel line. Already late, we again headed out. Some twenty miles or so later, steam began to emanate from the engine compartment. The engine had overheated from a combination of a clogged radiator and loose connections...AGAIN. I had specifically asked that the radiator be removed and cleaned during the engine change, but that never occurred. As you can imagine we were freaked out because the last overheat problem cost us an engine. Good Sam EVRS again saved us and located a wonderful mechanic after we limped into Poteet. I had to wait about six hours; but he finally repaired some leaks and got me down the road. As a bonus he also tightened a sensor on the transmission and our shifting problems magically disappeared. You don't suppose someone missed that during the engine change, do you?

We are now ensconced on a gate and the internet is up and ginning. I have mixed feelings about Wild Blue/Exceed internet. They have stuck by us and been very helpful though. However, tuning it in has been a challenge and the installer told us that the dish itself and the connecting wires are much more sensitive that the satellite television gear. It remains to be seen if it can stand up to the rigors of oil field life. I have been told several of you have asked what happened to the blog and I am very appreciative. Apparently some of my dear readers get some enjoyment from this blog.

A footnote or two. We again were treated exceedingly well by Hidden Valley RV park. I will not disclose what they charge us; but they take us in even though we never know how long our stay will last or what time we'll be coming-or going. Mark and Teri are wonderful hosts and "get" the whole oil field mentality. I'm just paying it forward, so check them out if you get a chance. Finally; we went to a movie at the Alamo Draft House and had a bang up time. The concept is that you can eat and drink while catching a flick. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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  1. Mark, appreciate your kind words about Hidden Valley.
    Really enjoyed your blog. Read back several posts. Look forward to borrowing your chili verde recipe. Hugs to you both and see you n your next hiatus. Teri