Monday, January 21, 2013


Since less folks are attending the inaugural today the press is crowing about the possibility of a record crowd for a second inaugural. Always looking for some light (that no one else sees) at the end of the tunnel, I guess. I couldn't care less; even if you had sent me a hotel and flight package-and you can keep the rental car and tour of Washington, too. The press is crowing about Michelle's bangs and what she will wear to the Hip Hop Ball; I mean REALLY? Here I politely submit the peoples address.

My fellow Americans, including those of you dumb enough to come out and fight the mobs in Washington.  By the end of this speech our national debt will have risen enough to pay off the personal debt of several thousand American households. Several million dollars of that debt will have been wasted on a sham inaugural-the President was officially sworn in yesterday  Congress will have again spent another day doing absolutely nothing. Chicago will again be in mourning over the loss of yet more of their youth, as more people die there annually than in any combat theater we are currently embroiled in. Speaking of combat, the indeterminable war in Afghanistan continues indeterminably while the Taliban counts the days down till we call it quits and again leave another unfinished conflict. And the combat between the President, Congress and his cabinet continues. A divided country will celebrate a fractious national holiday, celebrating a civil rights icon while discontent and hatred simmers just below the surface.of a still divided America. Until we get control of immigration the America of our forefathers will continue its erosion into oblivion. The proud, flag waving, nationalistic citizen is a rarity anymore; replaced by a melting pot of both documented and undocumented immigrants  Immigrants who seem to have little desire to embrace the customs, freedoms and privileges we have long cherished.. As this cauldron bubbles our infrastructure deteriorates, little gets done in congress, violence permeates our society, moral boundaries are stretched to their limits and a discontent populace sees no escape from it all. We now have a fractured electorate with the election results to show for it. History will judge us by the measures we take within the second term of this president. Our country surely cannot continue without a course correction. Perhaps in the upcoming mid term elections?

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  1. Officially, TODAY, they can start blaming themselves for what they inherited as we go for Fascism, Round 2...NEVER FORGET, Jan. 2007 was the last time GOP had majority control....pick any number (Unempl, GDP, Inflation, Poverty, Housing, Debt,Deficit, Health Care Costs, Fuel, etc) and it will be on a deteriorating path over past 6 yrs---they own it 100%, however, when you have a complicit, complacent and Pravda-like media that drools over a 1st Lady's new doo, there will be zero journalistic curiosity..1,461 days left of President Cares A. Lot...