Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What to Believe

Missy and I have started down the road to try to lose some weight. We have been down this road before; but she seems determined and has enrolled in a doctor monitored weight loss regimen. As most of my dear readers know, obesity has become the scourge of our country. I make no excuses; but since I quit smoking I have been unable to shed the weight that followed  Now I am suffering from heart disease and exercise is a dicey thing. One of the ways we are going about this is to limit our intake. I know that sounds simple; but getting down around or under our recommended 2000 calories a day is tough. And Missy is on a 500 calorie a day diet! What makes this especially difficult is that a lot of items labeled as low fat or low calorie really aren't. And to further confuse you, labels like to state calories per serving and you have to figure out what a serving is. Or the amount that they call a serving wouldn't fill a bird. One thing we have done is remove soda from the house. I have long advocated drinking tea and we have been keeping diet green tea in the house. Even so I do like to consume a soda or two and diet soda supposedly has chemicals that will do all kinds of bad things to you. What to do? Well, we bought one of those carbonating machines from Soda Stream and quit buying soda pop. The benefits are lower cost and less sugar. Also; even though it is easy to make a soda, the steps required to do so seem to cut our consumption. My credo has always been everything in moderation and; even though I am overweight, I have stayed at the same weight (or close to it) for some time. I hope to drop twenty pounds or so which will make me happy. If nothing else we will have become more aware of our caloric consumption.


  1. One of the things we did Mark in Jan. was remove all white sugar from the rig...nada...if we need a sweetener, we use a real one--honey or maple syrup....we also nix all processed foods (if it's in a box, it stays on the groc shelf)...we are also straight tea, as well....use agave in our coffee instead of sugar....

  2. Hi Mark, you are not alone, tho it is not a 'resolution' IS our goal to each loose some excess weight as well. The soda stream you mentioned, we got one too... sort of a Christmas present to ourselves. We absolutely LOVE IT. and as well have found we don't consume as much as we did in the past. Good to see you posting and congrats on the gate. We have been in the same spot for nearly 3 months now, and looks like will be here for quite a while longer. Sorry you are having so much mechanical problems.