Monday, January 28, 2013

R and R

R and R, otherwise known as rest and relaxation, is a term I first heard used from military types. Now a days I use it to describe the time off we occasionally get from gate guarding. We do all sorts of things when we get settled in and wound down. You can get some exercise and have fun cheaply by attending any one of quite a few flea markets scattered about the San Antonio area. We are also busy trying to find tires for our beloved Santa Fe. Seems the caliche roads are just too rough for the Bridgestones we currently run. I pulled into a store and went in to shop and when I came out the front right tire was flat. A quick inspection revealed that the tread had split open; first time I'd seen that! Also, we had a mechanic thoroughly go over our RV's engine in hopes that we can actually run 100 miles without a major incident. While he was here I pointed out the odd wear pattern on the right front tire. I thought we had an alignment or shock problem, but he said a bead had separated in the tire. So we're looking for a pair of steer tires too. Today we are going to work on the never ending task of dust and dirt removal from the coach and the car, It seems the phone rings with the call asking us to take a gate when we are in the middle of something, or we haven't gotten everything done that we intended. It seems contrary to the whole rest and relaxation thing to have an agenda to follow, but we reluctantly have made a list and are trying to get everything done this time. So we have plenty to do; just not sure how motivated we'll be. I'll call it a victory if we check something off of the list. After all, we are on R and R.

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