Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kudos to Y'all

Periodically I check the stats section of my blog. Google provides a breakdown of your audience, including what area they're in. Don't worry, it doesn't tell me your exact location, just the country. I am always amazed that I have readers from all parts of the globe. I am also pleased that at least 25 of you have subscribed to my drivel. So; either you're very bored or perhaps you actually find a nugget or two of useful information. I have promised to always tell the truth; as best I can, and will continue doing that. It may disturb some of you, but to me it's the best policy. Anyway; when I write on this subject it is primarily to thank all of my readers. I might still publish without the benefit of the stats, but you definitely motivate me, Hopefully to bigger and better things. THANK YOU!

BTW-we just got news we were released! Off to the RV park!

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